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Treatment of closed fractures opens an entirely new market opportunity for BioMimetic.
There are two basic types of bone fracture: open or compound, in which the skin is broken and the bone is exposed, or closed fractures, in which the skin near the bone isn't broken.
252A: Displaced fracture of greater tuberosity of left humerus, initial encounter for closed fracture.
3) the consolidation rate in material having closed fractures can be resolved using Equation 11 to calculate [c.
Beyond GEM 21S(TM), the Company is developing a pipeline of product candidates that target diverse orthopedic indications including open and closed fractures, vertebral compression fractures in the spine and sports medicine applications such as cartilage, tendon and ligament repair.
Moreover, as evidenced by initiation of our clinical trial on GEM OS2 Injectable Bone Graft for treatment of closed fractures, we are concurrently advancing our pipeline of recombinant protein based therapeutic product candidates for multiple orthopedic indications.
An injectable product candidate would create significant new market opportunities for BioMimetic, including the potential treatment of closed fractures in patients at risk of poor healing.