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Fiercely loyal and closed-minded to a farcical degree:' One White House insider notes that Perez worked for Barbara Bush and describes her as "tart, not terribly creative, very efficient, with a very good feel for seeing what the big story is going to be.
Unless children understand where they are and why they are there and are personally engaged, they will only be bored and closed-minded about the whole matter.
Some are so closed-minded their ears touch" was the saying of a favorite teacher of mine.
Do business issues you have never experienced result in closed-minded attitudes?
She raised joining for years, because of one closed-minded associate.
For those who brought down the World Trade Center, it is a form of progress that works against their closed-minded cause.
Dein added said: "Personally I am open-minded because you can't be closed-minded on progress.
Worth noting is the closed-minded fury with which composer Gian Carlo Menotti, artistic director of Spoleto, denounced Jacob's exhibition after it opened, ensuring that, at least in this case, history would not repeat itself.
The essential ingredient in any therapy, however, is not to be closed-minded and focus only on that one.
People who are relatively more closed-minded did not change their mind regardless of the messages they received, or what their original views were.
And George McKane, of Liverpool children's charity Yellow House, said: "It's offensive and closed-minded to pigeonhole Liverpudlians in this way.
But Alden renders the closed-minded group that Britten conjured with constantly surprising power.