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We are called to be closed-minded towards evil and open-minded towards good.
But to readers who still claim we're closed-minded, one-sided, or predictable, I have this reply: You obviously aren't reading the newspaper.
Dein added said: "Personally I am open-minded because you can't be closed-minded on progress.
Worth noting is the closed-minded fury with which composer Gian Carlo Menotti, artistic director of Spoleto, denounced Jacob's exhibition after it opened, ensuring that, at least in this case, history would not repeat itself.
The essential ingredient in any therapy, however, is not to be closed-minded and focus only on that one.
People who are relatively more closed-minded did not change their mind regardless of the messages they received, or what their original views were.
And George McKane, of Liverpool children's charity Yellow House, said: "It's offensive and closed-minded to pigeonhole Liverpudlians in this way.
The authors found that when people focus on concrete aspects of how they want to achieve goals, they become more closed-minded and less likely to take advantage of opportunities that fall outside their plans.
In selecting faculty strictly on doctrinaire orthodoxy, the opposite side of that risk is the university becoming a closed-minded, third-rate institution.
According to Bible revisionists, these widely accepted gospels were excised from the Bible by closed-minded men at the Council of Nicaea who forced people to accept the radical notion that Jesus the Son and the Father were one.
Shelby wasn't brought up as closed-minded, or, I should say, as naive as I was.
He said he would miss Eugene and Oregon but would not miss the closed-minded liberals.