closely associated

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The notion of benevolence especially was very closely associated with his sense of the power of the men in blue.
Had Rose stood her ground on this matter, undoubtedly all her after life might have been different, but she was of those women whose charm and whose folly lie in their sensitiveness to the moods and contentment of the people most closely associated with them.
The extracts from the will and the letter -- those last memorials of her father, now so closely associated with the purpose which had possession of her mind -still lay before her.
Both have been closely associated with 70-year-old Mr Khrushchev during most of his 11 years as Russia's strong man.
The prison is closely associated with the images of the 1981 hunger strike when 10 republicans died after years of prison protests demanding political status.
Written primarily for specialists, this collection of articles is useful as a barometer, telling us much about the obsessions and ideas of a particular generation of historians of science concerned with two non-Western scientific traditions which never intersected in real time, but which have remained closely associated with each other because of their common view of nature: Jewish and Muslim philosophers of the past shared a certain common domain which made it possible for them to study nature in a like manner; this common dimension can be seen in the third section of this book.
Contractor Performance of Acquisition Functions Closely Associated with Inherently Governmental Functions (DFARS Case 2004-D021)
India, a subsidiary of SKF, Gothenburg, Sweden, announced the launch of the SKF Sports Academy in Pune, India, SKF India's Managing Director Rakesh Makhija said the company is closely associated with several international sports and sporting events.
Much of the body work he's been closely associated with lately has involved his own body.
While the New Jersey and New York markets are closely associated, the company views New Jersey as a separate market that requires its own highly focused office.
Many of the formative proponents of rational choice articulated their ideas at the height of the Cold War in the 1950s and 1960s, and several were closely associated with the Rand Corporation.
Lance Armstrong is back in the yellow jersey with which he has become so closely associated after a typically powerful surge to victory on stage 15 of the Tour de France.