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In addition to need severity and relationship closeness, target vulnerability cues may lead to altruistic empathic concern.
Those, who have been observing the two music stars, are suggesting that Tiwa and Wizkid's closeness is becoming a big issue that is already setting tongues wagging.
Keywords: transpotation accessibility, housing price, betweenness, straightness, closeness
PSI-C, PSI-PS and PSI-AA mean scores of the students who describe their fathers' closeness level as good and PSI-AA mean scores of the students who describe their mothers' closeness level as good closeness level were low.
For example, middle children predicted more closeness with their siblings in middle and older adulthood versus youngest children.
The source of guanxi is an accurate predictor and closeness is the best indicator of guanxi (Marsden & Campbell, 1984).
KUWAIT, May 24 (KUNA) -- A Kuwaiti MP called for reactivating the role of parliamentary diplomacy in Arab and Muslim countries through holding overseas conferences and exchanging visits among lawmakers to create closeness regarding issues of mutual concern.
Hill and Pargament (2003) identified specific constructs in religion and spirituality that have emotional characteristics, namely closeness to God and spiritual struggle, and proposed that greater research attention be directed to experiences of spiritual transformation.
This study explored closeness to God and God-mediated control as mediators in the relationship between prayer and mental health.
Our key contribution in this paper is to propose a theoretical framework and its related formalisms for measuring how much close to other workflow-performers by using the social network analysis techniques, particularly the closeness centrality analysis formulas [5].
Relational partners who can easily integrate several communication modes may have higher levels of relational closeness and satisfaction when compared to couples who segment communication to one mode (Caughlin & Sharabi, 2013).
Although at age 5 or 6 our children probably had no memory of the hours they had spent in a front carrier, I firmly believe that somewhere in their hearts they understood they were attached to their dad and me; they had a foundation of protection and closeness.