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The astronomical events of a full moon, a moon at its closest point to Earth and the winter solstice occurred over a 20-hour period.
Beauty is ephemeral, however, and by May 1, when Hyakutake passes closest to the sun, it will be lost in the star's glare.
The district's two closest schools, Pinetree Elementary and Sulphur Springs Elementary, serve a combined 2,000 students from the area, Nolet said.
Since describing the bird, Opisthocomos hoazin, in 1776, ornithologists have had problems pinpointing its closest kin, as the hoatzin looks and acts so unlike other birds.
Last week's 45-32 loss to Menlo was the closest yet for a team that has been outscored 128-45.
At the comet's closest approach, water on its surface remains frozen.
It will release photos taken by Deep Space 1, 15 minutes after the probe made the closest fly-by ever of an asteroid on July 28.
But information from two of the craft's instruments already indicates that the flyby established a new record: The craft apparently flew within 200 kilometers of the comet's nucleus, the closest visit yet to the core of a comet.
Picabo Street, the master of the unexpected, pulled off her biggest surprise yet - a gold medal in a women's super-G featuring the closest 1-2-3 finish in Olympic history.