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It will come closest to Earth on the night of March 24, venturing within 15 million kilometers, or one-tenth the distance from our planet to the sun.
Last week's 45-32 loss to Menlo was the closest yet for a team that has been outscored 128-45.
The next closest federal purchasers were GSA with about 500 gigawatt hours, the Environmental Protection Agency with 247 gigawatt hours and the Department of Energy with 145 gigawatt hours.
Even at its closest approach to Earth, on March 22, Hale-Bopp will stay a respectful 197 million kilometers, or 1.
Sulphur Springs schools are closest to the mining project site and, like many districts throughout the Santa Clarita Valley, had passed a resolution to oppose the project based on foreseen traffic and air pollution.
Kaon's 3D realism enables product manufacturers, distributors and retailers to deliver a rich, engaging customer experience by combining compelling product interactivity with relevant product information and messaging, resulting in an experience that is closest to an 'in-store' encounter, increasing the likelihood to purchase.
Although the new findings place the O texts closer to Chaucer's original, he says that scholars will have to continue making subjective judgments about which text in the group is the closest.
The astronomical events of a full moon, a moon at its closest point to Earth and the winter solstice occurred over a 20-hour period.
A new genetic study chops up the traditional reptile family tree by asserting that turtles are the closest living kin of crocodiles.
and the system will identify the ten closest "sold homes" that have characteristics meeting the specified criteria.
Not only will the moon be full, but it will be at its closest point to Earth just hours after the maximum point of winter solstice, the shortest day of the year.