closing piece

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And throwing Mr Flintwinch away, as a closing piece of raillery, he sat down again.
The Lateral Life" withstands multiple readings before giving up any of its mystery, while the closing piece, "Love of Poetry," gives an almost clear path into the author's world.
125 [note: if same closing piece today as Friday] per common share on the American Stock Exchange.
Grammer performed his closing piece, "Keep Your Head Up," with the help of 16-year-old Brianna Almonte of Cranston, R.
ISEEM to remember in my closing piece for 2008 saying that my glass was half full about the prospects for 2009.
Finally, in the night's closing piece, we see women as sassy, sexy and totally able.
The closing piece was a solid performance of Mozart's Prague Symphony.
The opening piece, "Traumtext," and the closing piece, "Lagerfeld," frame the central section, which is by far the largest and is titled "Der Stoff zum Leben 4: tumulus.
The closing piece, "Dew," is a 49-second saxophone solo by Redman.
Zander's observations and insights made almost never-heard music such as the original version of Stravinsky's "Symphonies of Wind Instruments," the third offering on the program, accessible and immediate, as well as smarmy messes of music such as Debussy's "La Mer," the concert's closing piece, suddenly compelling and worth hearing - no small feat.
The third part consists of one paper empirically examining business strategies from the viewpoint of public values versus private interests and a closing piece submitted by an entrepreneur.
This closing piece negates all - scene, event, dialogue, character - that has gone before, and, to top everything off, it even denies the existence of the narrator.