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The procedure by which debate is formally ended in a meeting or legislature so that a vote may be taken.

Cloture is a means of terminating a filibuster, which is a prolonged speech on the floor of the Senate designed to forestall legislative action.


noun abandonment, abeyance, adjournal, adjournment, arrest, break, cease, cessation, check, closure, desistance, discontinuance, discontinuation, halt, interruption, lapse, letup, lull, noncontinuance, recess, standstill, stay, stop, stoppage, suspension, withdrawal
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Senators rarely occupy the floor of the Senate for an active filibuster, and instead place the burden on the majority to successfully move for cloture.
25) In its original form, the cloture rule could be
The Cloture Rule states that "to amend the Senate rules .
Kelly Ayotte, also a member of the Senate small business committee and a minority member on the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, voted against cloture.
Goodwin, a Democrat, cast his vote with the majoirity on the cloture measure.
Bush's presidency (2001 to 2008), the number of cloture motions rose by -- percent.
Their efforts with the 110th Congress were successful in that the 60 votes necessary to enforce cloture couldn't be obtained.
Richard Burr is a good example of a Republican senator who had earlier committed to support President Bush on amnesty but, owing to concerted constituent pressure, reversed himself in the last minutes and voted against cloture.
a supporter of the price-fixing measure, actually voted against cloture, not because he was in favor of the filibuster, but as a procedural maneuver.
Regardless of the party in power, we think the filibuster and the need for a cloture vote to halt it are good for debate, whether over issues or judicial nominees.
He scheduled the ob-gyn medical malpractice bill for two days of debate with a cloture vote scheduled for 5 p.