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Kempton Standard; Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers, heavy for a time.
Temperatures will continue to drop on Wednesday and it will be cold and cloudy with rainfall accompanied by thunder and hail at times and westerly to brisk winds.
Ladbrokes believe that there will be little chance of Cloudy Lane going off at the same odds as the three-time winner did 33 years ago.
Temperature is expected to drop on Saturday and Sunday to around 15 degrees Celsius with the same cloudy skies, moderate, northeasterly to northwesterly winds and low sea waves.
Cloudy Lane is trained by Donald McCain junior, son of the legendary Ginger who tasted Aintree glory four times, three with the immortal Red Rum.
Mostly cloudy through the day with a chance of isolated showers.
Some areas will be cloudy from tomorrow(Tuesday) when there will be a chance of showers.
The weather will become mild in general, and partly cloudy at times.
If you have clear lens replacement surgery you will never require cataract surgery because the natural lens is replaced and an artificial lens cannot become cloudy in the same way that a natural lens can.
On Saturday, the weather will be partly cloudy in general and sometimes it will be cloudy and rain showers are expected over most areas while the temperature will continue to drop to become slightly lower than average.
The sea will continue to be rough on Monday, and the weather will be cloudy to partly cloudy, with a probability of some rain, especially in the northern and eastern areas.
A tangible drop in temperatures is forecast on Thursday; therefore the weather will be partly cloudy to cloudy with southwesterly to westerly brisk winds, the JMD added.