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The pathological variations including comprised swollen granular cytoplasm, cloudy swelling and degenerating nuclei in epithelial cells of renal tubules were observed in Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix Japanica) and in young chickens after the introduction of 75 mg/Kg Cd and 700 ppm Cd, respectively [17,24].
Diagnose of VNN virulence in Humpback grouper larvae Tissue Targetted cell Infection Pathognomonic Clinical of VNN symptoms Eye Bud + Necrosis Whierling Cone + Vacuolation Irregular Rod + Haemorrhage swim Hypertrophic Brain Mesencephalon + Vacuolation Whierling ganglion + necrosis Irregular Haemorrhage swim Inflamation Gill Melanocyte + Hypertrophic Sleeping Limpocyte + Hyperplasia dead Macrophage + Oedema Endothellial + Vacuolation Mucous + Necrosis Rodlet + Chloride + Hepar Hepathocyte + Necrosis Vacuolation Haemorrhage Inclussion bodies Occlussion bodies Fibrosis Kidney Glomerulus + Necrosis Weak Hipertrofi Chromatin + Vacuolation Renal tubule + Cloudy swelling Intestine Goblet + Vacuolation Decreased Enterocyte + Necrosis appetite Mucous +
The intensity of cloudy swellings was observed to increase with increased duration of exposure to fluoride.