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You can re-apply mascara during the day but to avoid clumping choose a mascara that doesn't contain too many fibres.
Starting today select Walmart stores will carry the brand's Clumping formula in an 8 lb.
A team of researchers led by Basir Ahmad, a Michigan State University postdoctoral researcher, demonstrated earlier this year that slow-wriggling alpha-synuclein proteins are the cause of clumping, or aggregation, which is the first step of diseases such as Parkinson's.
Arm & Hammer Double Duty Clumping Litter is available in a 14-lb.
It is important to know that platelet clumping in the blood collection tube is totally innocent.
This EDTA-induced platelet clumping has been reported in healthy individuals and in association with individuals with a variety of diseases, (1) such as infections like HIV, rubella, and cytomegalovirus; autoimmune disorders; neoplastic diseases; and thrombotic disorders.
Caking and clumping are ubiquitous problems in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
WHEN THEY BECOME OVERGROWN and stop blooming well, it's time to dig up clumping perennials and cut them apart.
This cutting-to-the-ground technique is often useful in rejuvenating clumping perennials.
Recent ADDL discoveries could also contribute to research into potential antiamyloid therapies, which currently fall into three groups: immunotherapies that prompt the body's immune system to destroy A[beta], antiaggregants that keep the molecules from clumping, and enzyme (secretase) modulators that prevent the creation of A[beta] or hasten its destruction.
If you experience serious clumping or loss see a dermatologist.