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Conversely, a longer variable name, although clumsier to write, is more descriptive and makes the body of a Logic Statement easier to understand by allowing the reader to focus on the meaning of the logic and reducing the likelihood that the reader will be distracted with searching for the variable definition.
You may be clumsier than usual but still as determined to do everything at twice the speed.
Timothy Fosu-Mensah, making his first United start, then produced a fine, last-ditch challenge to deny the Nigerian striker, but his next challenge was far clumsier.
Which of course makes swimming attempts even clumsier.
If some fingering combinations are clumsier than others, spend more time with those.
As a result, the price formation process is much clumsier nowadays, with considerably longer adjustment lags.
Not sure whether the SCO will become clumsier or less efficient (after the two countries India and Pakistan join).
It may be politically correct not to use the masculine form in English anymore, but it makes the language a lot clumsier in my opinion.
20AM PREMIERE Hungary water polo battles with the Soviets in the 1950s is, in the hands of Basic Instinct writer Joe Eszterhas, a clod-hopping dud that looks even clumsier coming after The Lives Of Others.
While it doesn't necessarily excuse gun battles so brutal you can't always keep up with the body count, this attitude lends a certain sense of responsibility to the action, which still feels clumsier than a franchise of this caliber deserves.
In the letter, he compares his amateurish drawings with 'certain English wood engravings, but even clumsier, more awkward', and his early ambitions in that direction are confirmed by a display of magazine illustrations of mining disasters that he collected, several of them by English artists.
It weighs 8 pounds, 12 ounces loaded with 20 rounds, but feels heavier and clumsier than that.