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The novella's plot is clumsy, its style even clumsier, but it is of particular interest for my purpose because it incorporates several levels or vectors of explicit education.
Buddy thinks he's an elf, but he's much larger, and clumsier, than his elf peers.
Harbour seals are smaller and more sausage-shaped and appear much clumsier out of the water.
But the exposition sometimes seems clumsier than in the first two books, and some choices are puzzling: a reference to Daedalus is explained, where those to Eugene Cernan and Tom Swift are not.
Strategic mobility would be slower and clumsier absent free transit through Southeast Asian waters.
Wild narcissi prove the point, as they have a purity and innocence never seen in the clumsier cultivars.
Like Poe's willfully clumsier copies of Godard's copies, this simulation of its Xeroxed predecessors celebrates a star who was never quite a star, a face and body made to signify only when placed in the right context: No Wave film, downtown artist.
The stress and fatigue of the working week translates into employees becoming less attentive or clumsier, and leading to a higher rate of office accidents.
The gameplay feels deliberately sluggish in places, players are clumsier and it makes the game feel less arcade like and more realistic.
London, Sept 02 ( ANI ): Although females are considered to be the gentler sex, a majority of women have admitted that they are clumsier than men, a new study has revealed.
The Blues may have counted themselves fortunate for Swarbrick's leniency minutes later though, when Walcott made a meal of another tackle from Gibson which in fairness was clumsier than his original non-offence and duly saw the Irish midfielder given his final warning as the crowd bayed for red.