clumsy performance

See: miscue
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The shackles were off and the players initially revelled in the freedom afforded, albeit Serbia's clumsy performance early doors played into their hands.
Quite who would take him now is unclear but his clumsy performance at Brighton won't have done him any favours.
IF South Africa repeat their blase and clumsy performance seen against the West Indies on Sunday then they could be shocked by Kenya in Potchefstroom tomorrow.
But the press conference was an odd, clumsy performance, and the reporters who didn't ignore it played it for laughs.
Sample, who was severely criticized for his clumsy performance at the press conference announcing Robinson's dismissal, admitted Thursday that he was ``wrong'' in believing Robinson would stay at USC.
The real change in the Pakistan side comes at wicketkeeper where the clumsy performance of Kamran Akmal in Nottingham has cost him his place with Zulqarnain Haider set to make his Test debut.
Indeed, his punches missed as often as they landed and his ragged, clumsy performance made laughable his extravagant claims to be a legend.
Unfortunately, even with Herzog in the mix, the film still manages to turn out a mediocre product with clumsy performances that are only slightly above your average Hollywood thriller.
Clumsy performances turn the electrifying prom-night scene into a sequence that would even frighten Stephen King.
The Scotland rugby hero's clumsy performances so far have made him a favourite to be booted off the show.