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As discussed in part one, clustered network storage systems can keep scaling beyond traditional systems.
At Oracle World in September 2003, PolyServe presented the findings of the largest, most flexible clustered Oracle database system for Linux.
Clustered storage systems are typically made up of network-connected storage with an administrative function that manages a collection of physical disks.
0 includes Terracotta Distributed Shared Objects (DSO) and Terracotta JDBC -- the underpinnings of the clustered JVM technology, as well as the introduction of Terracotta Sessions.
In contrast to the two methods--non-clustered virtualization and non-virtual clustering--described above, a virtualized clustering architecture provides N virtualized controllers and virtual disks within a clustered system.
SilverStorm Technologies is the leader in high performance interconnect solutions for clustered computing.
It is priced at $7,995 for each management console that will be part of the clustered configuration.
Today's enterprises benefit from the deployment of clustered processing and application architectures with dramatically increased uptime and resilience, configuration flexibility, and immediate scalability.
MetaData Managers can be clustered just as easily as object storage devices for optimal performance.
An industry-leading Out-of-Band Infrastructure (OOBI) solution, Cyclades console servers allow customers to locally, or remotely, manage IT assets within networks of clustered computers through alternate paths to gain improved productivity and to help safeguard IT operations against unplanned disruptions.
Clustered processing and application architectures have been proven to improve uptime and resilience, configuration flexibility, and make it possible to increase capacity as needed.
SAN FRANCISCO -- ClusterWorld Summit today announced round table discussions aimed at improving cluster administration, streamlining tools for cluster applications, and developing methods to make clustered systems more efficient.

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