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He said: "We have co-operated fully with their search and will not be commenting further.
A statement issued by Abubakar's office after the meeting says: "He assured them that the Nigerian government would continue to co-operate with the Korean government in the defence sector; an area in which both Nigeria and North Korea have co-operated over the years.
FM Naji Sabri tells a press conference that Baghdad has co-operated fully with the UN inspectors.
Dr Steven J Hatfill said he had co-operated with the investigation only to see his life and work destroyed through speculation and innuendo.
Lawlor, 55, spent a week in Mountjoy Prison but the rest of his three-month sentence was suspended on the condition that he co-operated fully with tribunal investigators.
He said it was "a matter for Mo Mowlam" if she had co-operated with the book and then added: "If she chooses to co-operate with somebody like that, and an exercise like that, well that is her judgment.
But it did not deny that any member of Charles' private staff had co-operated with Junor.
Biovail has co-operated fully, and will continue to co-operate fully, with the OSC in these matters.
I knew queens sometimes co-operated, but was amazed at the degree to which it happened.
Mr Baxter said he told the 61-year-old "that if he co-operated and helped alleviate the distress of the Arkinson family by disclosing where the body was, I would seek to ensure that he spent his remand in Northern Ireland".
The intelligence also suggested that Iraqi scientists had been warned that they and their families could be killed if they co-operated with the inspectors.
Iran has not only co-operated with Saudi Arabia in this conflict in Afghanistan but co-operated extensively with the United States".