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The Investment Dar and the co-ordinating committee said they looked forward to working together to develop and implement a consensual restructuring plan that is fair, acceptable and legally implementable and in the best interests of all TID's stakeholders.
Helene will also be responsible for co-ordinating the pilot Middle Market project, which is helping 18 established exporters develop their business overseas.
However, the draft Regulation on social security for Parliamentary assistants is closely linked to the proposal on co-ordinating social security, and the Parliament is pressuring Ministers to find solutions as fast as possible, as the problem of MEPS' assistants can only be sorted out in the light of this new Regulation.
GEANT is a four-year, 220-million Euro project co-funded by the European Commision set up by a Consortium of 27 European national research and education networks with DANTE as its co-ordinating partner.
The Board now wishes to engage a Co-ordinating Investigator to manage and monitor these investigations.
HIS Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa yesterday issued an edict forming the co-ordinating councils of the five governorates.
7 June 2010 - Italy's Centrobanca has served as a co-ordinating bank in the provision of EUR39m (USD46.
The group co-ordinating the plans for the centre claims it is needed because of the lack of provision for the Muslim community, which makes up one of the city's biggest minority groups.
For its Projet d'intervention de milieu, which involves co-ordinating the efforts of four organizations in downtown Montreal that work directly with sex trade workers, youth in difficult situations, substance abusers and homeless persons.
99, co-ordinating ready-made curtains start a t pounds 19.
Officers from West Midlands Police have joined with West Mercia, Warwickshire and Staffordshire to form a Regional Tasking and Co-Ordinating Group.
DS2 is co-ordinating offers within the ESPRIT Program framework for other research projects related to broadband technologies.