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They are co-ordinating with Emirates Embassy in Malaysia as Bahrain has no embassy there.
The initiative was started by the British Heart Foundation and Mr Hussey is co-ordinating the Merseyside project: "It is all about reducing untimely deaths through heart conditions," he added.
Choose from delicate, hand-drawn flower prints offset with blushes of co-ordinating colour and subtle scribble motifs in a wide range of soft hues, and combine with co-ordinating designs for a truly feminine finish.
The National Trade Union Steel Co-ordinating Committee has representatives from the ISTC,Amicus,T&G,GMB and UCATT.
The Dublin-based fashion house has also introduced an ultra feminine range of co-ordinating hats which are perfect for weddings and the glamorous racing events all the socialites are currently marking on their calendars.
The brainchild of Scottish brothers Lindsay and Graham Crawford, they also offer a co-ordinating range of specially-commissioned printed and woven fabrics, wallpapers and borders to complement their traditional and modern tartans.
Loo Shih Yann, a principal with the international law firm of Baker and McKenzie and who is co-ordinating efforts on behalf of the U.
Any owner will also be able to challenge the energy conservation and ask a national co-ordinating body to carry out an inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows for energy conservation in their building.
HIS Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa yesterday issued an edict forming the co-ordinating councils of the five governorates.
The co-ordinating committee of The Investment Dar (TID), set up to restructure the financial institution, now includes Jordan International Bank, ABC Islamic Bank, Lloyds TSB, Al Rajhi Bank, the Islamic Development Bank and the Kuwait branch of Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait.
Within the plan, the general manager will oversee the responsibility of co-ordinating delivery of all mineral support services and implementing complementary economic development business plans.
Before joining AWM, she worked for the West Midlands Development Agency to develop investment from European countries, and for West Midlands-based Rical Engineering Group, where she was responsible for export sales accounts and co-ordinating the group's export strategy in western Europe.