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The seminar is part of the OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraines project on enhancing the coherence of Administrative Court Practice in Ukraine, implemented at the request of the Higher Administrative Court and funded by the Government of Germany.
Ruth Freedom Pojman, OSCE Deputy Co-ordinator of the Office of the Special Representative and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, noted major improvements in the country's fight against trafficking in human beings, including its institutional and legislative framework to prevent and combat human trafficking.
Under Terry Flynn it has continued to provide leadership and guidance to co-ordinators in the east of the city, and will continue to do so.
Stephanie Jones, activities co-ordinator at Castel Froma.
If appointed, the national co-ordinator could make sure that Tamil schools get equal support in terms of strengthening the teaching of the Tamil language.
Social Care in Partnership (North Wales): Co-ordinator - Clare Hughes 01824 706516 Clare.
I want to thank everyone involved--friends, family, courier companies, co-ordinators, Rotary International and Australian co-ordinator Liz Baker for starting such a worthwhile project and allowing me to be part of such an amazing endeavour.
Pressure group The TaxPayers' Alliance said the public sector was not tightening its belt sufficiently, and cited "non-jobs" advertised by councils, including street football co-ordinator and community space challenger co-ordinator.
The teams were also assessed on teamwork skills and this was among the elements which made the St Joseph's RC team stand out, said Mike Gardiner, ICE North East's education co-ordinator.
Project co-ordinator Paul Miller said: "We need co-ordinators from each workplace to develop their own contributions to Face of the City.
Explain in detail what you want the co-ordinator to do, then ask for a quote in writing.
56) stresses, "The SEN co-ordinator, working with the class teachers .