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In summary, although the results from this study are limited in generalizability due to the sample size, a unique finding was that coacting team members recorded higher cohesion scores on all subscales than interacting team participants after a loss, rather than after a win.
Team performance and the cohesiveness of competitive coacting groups.
In contrast to previous research, this study found that coacting teams scored significantly higher than interacting teams on the AGT and GIT cohesion subscales.
It was expected, based on previous research, that interacting teams would obtain higher cohesion scores than coacting teams on all measures and that perceived levels of cohesion would increase after a winning situation and decrease after a losing situation.
Similarly, these results may not be representative of coacting, or individual, sport athletes.
Group cohesion of female intercollegiate coacting and interacting team across a competitive season.
Team performance outcome and the cohesiveness of competitive coacting groups.
Although extensive research has attempted to determine the various factors that affect cohesion in the athletic context, no research has examined the specific coaching strategies a coach uses to develop and promote cohesion among athletes in coacting small group sports.
Finally, I believe future research should attempt to examine various sport types to determine if coaches employ additional strategies when working with independent or coacting team structures.
Instead, using various emulsifiers based on scientific formula results in a coacting and strengthening effect to provide the best emulsification effect of each emulsifier.
The fastening elements each carry securing means coacting with a contact zone of the hygiene article.