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2 The ySym action and coaction defined in (Forcey et al.
The coaction [rho] in this basis is particularly nice, but we need a bit more notation to describe it.
However, the coaction of the plan partners is anticipated to gain optimum coverage of the OLED value chain.
The agreement expects coaction for attraction of investment to both countries via promotion of events, conferences, seminars and trade delegations, conferences, seminars and trade missions, as well as back up to companies for execution of common projects, like the exchange of commercial information, visiting programmes, etc.
Dhir, an Executive-In-Residence at Warburg Pincus, where he worked in close coaction with the firm over the past several months to develop Delonex s business plan.
It was established in 1963 by the state Government for the growth Design, Manufacture and Supply of Power Transformers in India, and in coaction with M/s Hitachi Limited, Japan.
Coactions between ASPS and LPS were observed on ADG and ADFI following LPS challenge suggesting that dietary ASPS can alleviate the detrimental performance induced by LPS immunological stress.
Furthermore, Couso (2009) wrote that the establishment of a particular age for sexual consent is inadequate, adding that there is a need to recognize the possibility of proving an "expression of autonomous sexuality" in those cases that lack evidence of coactions or manipulation of adolescents.
The activities and coactions of animals at sapsucker trees.
The coactions of beaver and moose on a joint food supply in the Buffalo River Meadows and surrounding area in Jackson Hole.
Some observations of the food coactions of the common box turtle Terrapene c.