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Despite admitting to bisexuality, Sunny, 31, is married to coactor Daniel Weber.
He is well- known as a prankster and his coactor in the film Khatta Meetha Rajpal Yadav would second that.
THE BLACK BUCK CASE Salman, along with coactors of Hum Saath Saath Hain, were accused of poaching two black bucks on October 1, 1998, in Kankani village near Jodhpur.
He praised his coactors Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence and the story itself.
If that opinion is accepted, as it usually is, as the law of the case, although the responsibility of action still is participated in by all the coactors, yet of course a greater relative weight of responsibility devolves on the Attorney General.
In this arena, "created conscious subjects can become persons of theological relevance, coactors in theo-drama.
Students giggled through the crazy action in which Thelma White played the hard-boiled dope queen Mae, the mistress of a pedlar, while her coactors sank into a plot of murder, fast cars, rape, prostitution, suicide and, far worse than all that, a poor performance in their exams.
God includes humankind as coactors and partners in the "missionary dialogue" of the Trinity, in which "the evangelizing mission is not an external act carried out by the church but is 'the visible face' of the mission of the triune God.
In participatory terminology, we insist on the necessity to perceive all the actors concerned as subjects and coactors, but things do not actually happen that way.
And in his nasal, cracked voice, he'd start complaining and changing the costume of one of his coactors as a piece of scenery fell over; he'd stop to visibly struggle with that inside his head, but everything would be so slow and deliberate and "tasted" by the high panic of his aesthetic consciousness that every moment the stage began to glow with total potential, just like that singular moment before the curtain rose.
Known for her acting prowess in a three- decade long film career, Sen is remembered for the magic she weaved on the big screen along with her illustrious coactors, including Bengali cine god Uttam Kumar.