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COADJUTOR, eccl. law. A fellow helper or assistant; particularly applied to the assistant of a bishop.

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Archbishop Coadjutor Elect of Khartoum, Michael Didi Adgum Mungoria (Photo AMECEA)
Auxiliary bishops were sometimes appointed to assist ailing bishops, but it was more usual for a coadjutor bishop to be appointed, especially in what the canon law candidly described as cases of diocesans who were 'impeded from performance of their Episcopal duties by old age, or bodily infirmity, or sickness, protracted and incurable, such as loss of speech, blindness, paralysis, and insanity'.
Jose Maria Eguaras Iriarte, sacerdote que se vinculo a Herrera en sus tiempos de coadjutor en Santander y que le acompano hasta sus momentos finales.
On his first official visit to Ireland since becoming the coadjutor patriarch of Jerusalem, Archbishop Fouad Twal expressed his gratitude to Irish aid agencies such as Trocaire.
In it he said he would be writing to the Pope asking for a coadjutor bishop to work with him until he retired.
The comment, conveyed through the official Xinhua News Agency, came in reaction to the Vatican's statement on Saturday deploring the way Wang Renlei was ordained a bishop coadjutor last Thursday by the Xuzhou diocese in eastern China's Jiangsu Province.
A cinco anos de ser nombrado obispo de Saltillo, Raul Vera Lopez habla sobre las presiones desde el gobierno federal y en el interior de la Iglesia que motivaron su traslado de la diocesis de San Cristobal de las Casas, de donde era obispo coadjutor, a una region apartada de la zona de conflicto y sin presencia indigena.
Monsignor Diarmuid Martin, a former Vatican official who has been serving as coadjutor archbishop in Dublin, takes over from Connell.
Wenski, presently serving, by appointment of Pope John Paul II, as coadjutor bishop of the Diocese of Orlando.
Bishop Arthur Roche, Coadjutor Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Leeds, then gave an address.
Su primeras experiencias sacerdotales las realizo en Madrid como coadjutor y mas tarde como parroco.
The celebrant was The Right Reverend Duncan Gray III, Bishop Coadjutor of Mississippi.