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7,16] Overall, acute exercise leads to a temporary increase in blood coagulability, fibrinolytic activity, and platelet activity in trained and untrained individuals.
Methods of characterizing the overall activity of the blood coagulation: a method of recording the whole blood coagulation on coagulation analyzer - H-334; whole blood clotting time in a siliconized and non-siliconized dish; plasma coagulability time; kaolin time plasma; kaolin cephalin clotting time; plasma tolerance to heparin (PTH); anticoagulation test (ACT).
To confirm this, the '20 minute whole blood clotting test' is a simple, rapid test of blood coagulability, which can be performed at the bedside and correlates well with the fibrinogen concentration.
Similarly, a smaller decrease in platelet aggregation and coagulability levels was observed in the control group.
A potential mechanism appears to be related to systemic inflammation in which the inhalation of PM provokes a low grade systemic inflammatory response and changes in blood coagulability (Peters et al.
These include damage to the vessel wall, alterations in blood flow, and increased coagulability of the blood.
They studied mortality in 979 mothers of hemophilia patients to see if a mild (usually asymptomatic) decrease in coagulability protects against cardiac ischemia.
Jain RC: Effect of garlic on serum lipids, coagulability and fibrinolytic activity of blood.
This occurs through increased coagulability of the blood or development of atherosclerotic plaques.