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Because the pararectal space has been developed early on, the ureter can be seen throughout the dissection and there is no need to coagulate the vessels from the level of the internal os and downward, as many surgeons are traditionally taught.
Domain Surgical's FMwand Simultaneously Cuts and Coagulates Soft Tissue While Minimizing Collateral Damage to Surrounding Tissue
Contract award: supply of equipment and the lease of the generator to cut and coagulate tissue.
The shears precisely cut, coagulate, grasp, and dissect without the need for instrument exchange and can seal vessels up to 5 mm.
The HARMONIC FOCUS[R] Long Curved Shears enable surgeons to dissect, cut, coagulate and grasp using precise ultrasonic energy that minimizes thermal damage to patients while providing surgical efficiency.
The interaction causes the seminal fluids to coagulate into a gelatinous solid mass.
Micromac's DAF unit injects flocculants into the effluent stream in order to coagulate the particles.
After a few minutes the egg white will coagulate, enabling you to wipe it up cleanly.
Past studies suggested that the low air pressure on flights increases the tendency of blood to coagulate.
0%), cautery was required on the harmonic scalpel side to coagulate one or two larger vessels.
It's an exact copy of rennin, the animal enzyme traditionally used to coagulate milk.
As with all FMwand tools, the stout surgical tips simultaneously cut and coagulate tissue without passing electrical current into the patient, making them safe to use near delicate tissue structures.