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said, "We are pleased to see that the GAO noted in its decision that the ERBE brand name product was designated a predicate device for the USMI model SS-601MCa offered by VHSS in the FDA's [Food and Drug Administration] determination that USMI's electrosurgical unit SS-601MCa/Argon 4 Coagulator is substantially equivalent to ERBE's VIO 300D/APC 2.
The Canady Vieira Hybrid Plasma Scalpel(TM), electrosurgical generators, plasma coagulators and accessories will be sold and distributed through USMI.
Monopolar instruments includes electrosurgical pencils, electrosurgical electrodes, suction coagulators and accessories such as cords, cables and adapters.
introduces a product that eliminates the drawbacks of traditional suction coagulators.
WEM will jointly develop, along with USMI, and manufacture several types of the electrosurgical generators, coagulators and accessories.