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Coalesce analyzes and evaluates thousands of pages of information, instantly searching through market intelligence, risk profile and financial performance data to provide intelligent support for investment decisions.
The question today is whether markets would coalesce around one individual in a similar way.
These data have revealed a previously unrecognized phase at temperatures above 40 [degrees]C in which the bilayer fragments coalesce to form extended single-bilayer sheets.
Comprised of nine pamphlets, this new series is important for two reasons: (1) it represents a joint effort by two major Baptist historical societies to coalesce around common ideals; and (2) it symbolizes an urgent desire to communicate to the Baptist public historical information that informs what it means to be creatively Baptist in today's world.
Every week this hosts Coalesce, a bunker-like blur of smoke, strobes and hippy trippy toons that smack of summer of love raves gone by.
This is followied by a brief outburst of violence; eventually the remaining Canadian provinces coalesce into regional groupings whose economic ties to the United States are stronger than their political ties to Ottawa.
Part One, Introduction, provides an overview of allied health education, and cites present and future challenges including: the potential to coalesce the many disciplines into a more unified allied health movement, to provide a data base regarding supply and demand, to acknowledge the impact of women in our changing society, an awareness of escalation of qualifications for practice, and increasing demands for allied health research.
We believe as Republicans coalesce behind Schwarzenegger and McClintock, Democrats and independents will coalesce against the recall.
The structure's also the same: seven separate stories of seven characters that coalesce into a narrative tapestry.
In general, though, the conference topic is much too broad to allow the various contributions to coalesce into an organic whole.