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The company said COALESCE combines the osseointegration capabilities of porous metal implants with the favorable imaging and mechanical properties of traditional PEEK implants.
AS the gas began to coalesce, new stars burned off the hydrogen fog.
Though striking and technically accomplished, Odd Nerdrum's recent paintings seem at first like so much virtuosic pastiche, as if, after eating a particularly rich meal late at night, one saw all the great paintings on the second floor of the Metropolitan coalesce into one enormous work of nightmarish intensity, in which all the illnesses and shortcomings of man loomed up out of varnished brown sauce.
The Felt Hat team will supervise design communication, gather community input, coalesce ideas from architects, artists and civic leaders, and ultimately make certain the new Armory reflects the essence of Portland in a visceral way.
As companies move toward Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs), a broad range of individual IT markets will coalesce into a single market for "SOA implementation frameworks" that provide all the capabilities companies need to build, run, manage, and secure SOAs, concludes a report authored by ZapThink, LLC, an analyst firm focused on XML, Web Services, and Service-Oriented Architectures.
Such disks are the stuff from which planets coalesce.
Use (DSTU); the culmination of an intense effort to coalesce
Particles within the disk coalesce into nuggets and then ever-larger clumps, which over several million years grow into a planet.
It's been especially rewarding to witness the industry coalesce and work together towards the common good.
Saturn's outlier moon Phoebe didn't coalesce from material near the ringed planet but instead was captured from the distant Kuiper belt, a reservoir of frozen bodies beyond Pluto.
Chair of the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO), announced today that the Board of Directors voted to continue discussions with other leading research industry associations that could result in the formation of a federation to coalesce industry efforts in the areas of government affairs, respondent cooperation and strengthening the image of the industry.