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Drying both creates capillary stress and also drives the particle coalescence, which increases a coating's resistance to cracking.
This is the first known study of a latex film that cracks despite particle coalescence.
CryoSEM images of drying coatings containing silica aggregates (4 wt% dwb) show that silica does not influence the particle coalescence or the evaporation rate in any way.
The process consists of four steps: (1) dissolution of physical foaming agent into polymer matrix at high pressure, (2) temperature increase or pressure release to induce phase instability and bubble nucleation, (3) bubble growth, and (4) bubble coalescence and stabilization.
They concluded that the chain branching could suppress cell coalescence owing to the enhanced melt strength.
Therefore, the previous papers could not completely clarify the role of bubble coalescence in opening the cell structure and the effect of viscoelastic properties on bubble coalescence and formation of open cell structure.