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Bayesian coalescent analyses were performed by using a general time reversible + gamma 4 nucleotide substitution model, an uncorrelated lognormal molecular clock model, and a Bayesian Skyline population growth model.
Both DTM-1 and DTM-2 contain 6% dipropylene glycol n-butyl ether as the volatile coalescent in essentially the same formulation, except that DTM-2 is formulated with an extra 1% of a nonvolatile coalescent.
DnaSP, DNA polymorphism analyses by the coalescent and other methods.
Radiographic findings of mastoiditis range from subtle changes of mastoid air cell opacification to the more profound changes of osseous destruction, subperiosteal abscess formation, coalescent mastoiditis, and, in some cases, venous infarctions as well as parenchymal abscesses (1-3).
We also estimated Tajima's (1989) D statistics, and the significance of the D statistic was tested by generating random samples under the hypothesis of selective neutrality and population equilibrium, using a coalescent algorithm (Excoffier et al.
The granulomas were focal in nature, never presenting as coalescent lesions.
e], the modal mutation rate ([mu]) of the microsatellite data set was obtained by using the Bayesian coalescent approach of Beaumont (1999) and Storz and Beaumont (2002) and the software MSVAR (vers.
As with the film Crash, one must endure the initial phase of trying to make sense of individual story lines before the coalescent phase begins, to predict a denouement and the philosophical messages of the film overall.
Among their topics are reconstructing concordance trees and testing the coalescent model from genome-wide data sets, inference of a parsimonious species tree from multilocus data by minimizing deep coalescences, summarizing gene tree incongruence at multiple phylogenetic depths, and estimating species relationships and taxon distinctiveness in Sistrurus rattlesnakes using multilocus data.
Nordborg, "Genealogical Trees, Coalescent Theory and the Analysis of Genetic Polymorphisms," Nature Reviews Genetics 3 (2002): 380-90.
Tremolo slide guitars echo into the ranat, a type of xylophone, all coalescent and lulling under the humid croons of the various singers.
4] coalescent simulations of a Wright-Fisher equilibrium model that conditioned on a constant sample size and the level of polymorphism as the observed data (Kaplan et al.