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Evaluations of the different coalescing aids were done in a full formulation and compared at equal loadings of coalescent across the systems.
OXFILM 351 was tested in multiple commercial formulations and has been shown to be an efficient coalescing agent for a broad range of latex and coating types.
The crankcase ventilation system features the Fleetguard[R] coalescing filter, which captures and filters crankcase emissions, and returns oil directly to the sump.
If a planetary-mass object formed as a star does, rather than coalescing within a disk, then the object shouldn't be called a planet, according to the International Astronomical Union.
Exquisitely lit by Jennifer Tipton (as were all the evening's dances) and costumed by Norma Kamali in filmy white shirts, shorts, and tank tops, Sweet Fields is a work of serene passages, of groups coalescing into communities.
The crankcase ventilation system features the Fleetguard(R) Enviroguard(TM) coalescing filter, which captures and filters crankcase emissions, and returns oil directly to the sump.
Somewhere in the universe, in the dim recesses of a vast cloud of gas and dust, wisps of material are slowly coalescing onto a clump that has been growing for hundreds of thousands of years.
Orbit's acquisition of BBKO comes in the wake of four-time Academy Award-winning film Million Dollar Baby and the critically acclaimed Cinderella Man, yet the company has long been coalescing as sports and entertainment themselves have continued to find an ever-stronger nexus.
But regardless of whether or not TW Hydrae harbors full-grown planets, "it's nice to have the observational confirmation [of dust coalescing into pebbles] that we all believed was going on," he adds.
Harrah's has a long history of helping communities change for the better and a track record of coalescing strong bipartisan support and true cooperation between the public and private sectors to effect positive economic and social change," Loveman said.
The characteristics of the burst, along with the discovery of the elliptical galaxy, suggest that the flash was generated by the collision of two extremely compact objects--either a pair of neutron stars or a neutron star coalescing with an even more-compact body, a black hole.
TOLEDO, Ohio -- Blue Planet Research & Technology Inc (Pink Sheets:BPLT) today announced its plans for sea trials and the certification of its Oil Separating Coalescing Air Refining System (OSCAR) to begin in early 2005.