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Myrifilm' Coalescing Solvent: Myrifilm[R] coalescing solvent offers manufacturers of adhesives, paints and coatings, inks, and other products a high efficiency, renewable, low odor, zero VOC, cost-effective, green alternative to petrochemical based coalescing solvents with exceptional performance.
In fact, the coalescing filter assembly is not readily available in the supply system.
Ancarez AR555 epoxy resin's fast-dry performance allows for improved sandability and stackability for increased throughput and greater productivity while its enhanced coalescing enables uniform film formation.
The most revealing finding was that there are ways of coalescing progressives that don't necessitate organizing around issues or electoral preferences, which only aggravate differences among groups.
OXFILM 351 is a virtually odorless and non-VOC coalescing agent.
Colorless and hydrolytically stable, EEH solvent is used as a highly efficient coalescing aid to enhance the performance of a wide range of latex polymers, providing enhanced wetting, flow and leveling properties to coatings, according to the company.
The Valley Glen neighborhood has really been coalescing,'' said City Councilman Mike Feuer, who helped push for the area's recognition and co-sponsored the festival.
Exquisitely lit by Jennifer Tipton (as were all the evening's dances) and costumed by Norma Kamali in filmy white shirts, shorts, and tank tops, Sweet Fields is a work of serene passages, of groups coalescing into communities.
The crankcase ventilation system features the Fleetguard[R] coalescing filter, which captures and filters crankcase emissions, and returns oil directly to the sump.
If a planetary-mass object formed as a star does, rather than coalescing within a disk, then the object shouldn't be called a planet, according to the International Astronomical Union.
With a $70 million plan coalescing to help the New England Patriots make infrastructure improvements at Foxboro Stadium, the team plans to stay in Massachusetts.
The crankcase ventilation system features the Fleetguard(R) Enviroguard(TM) coalescing filter, which captures and filters crankcase emissions, and returns oil directly to the sump.