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Ironically, this is where the old Marxist left finds common ground with the issue-activist and coalitionist.
Both, maritimist and coalitionist, place themselves in the perspective of global hegemony.
In all events, the basic American-Euro-Japanese alliance implies a coalitionist strategy and sets aside maritime theory.
There being no takers for the LPP leadership's wilder coalitionist schemes, the party would make its debut in the national elections of 1945.
In this case, (M) would require a coalitionist faced with a desertion proposal to consider both the ideological and the minimum-survivability consequences of his or her move to a new coalition, and leave only if a survivable coalition with a group of people with ideologies more harmonious with his own and equal individual payoffs, or a survivable coalition with a group of people having equally harmonious ideologies with the incumbent group, and higher individual payoffs, can be formed.