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3,6) Joint immobilization in a physiologic perching angle has the potential to result in more complete restoration of limb usage, including ambulation, locomotion, and perching, than external coaptation alone.
Trochanteroiliac coaptation in the treatment of septic complications after alloarthroplasty of the hip.
After that, the length of artificial chordae was adjusted by injecting cold saline into the left ventricle through mitral valve orifice until perfect coaptation of the mitral leaflet was obtained [Figure 1]a.
Tape muzzle and modified aluminium splint were applied as external coaptation for additional support to mandibular fracture (Fig.
The mechanism of regurgitation was due to tethering of the leaflets owing to papillary muscle shortening and annular dilation, as the chordae and leaflets were normal, the jets were central, and there was tip-to-tip coaptation of the leaflets of atrioventricular valves.
Coaptation of the nerve flap was performed using epineural sutures (Nylon 8.
The unique features of the mitramaze valve repair system concept are threefold and reside in its enhanced coaptation design, its exclusive and flexible spacer and a customized delivery catheter system specifically designed for the transfemoral arterial approach, delivery and implantation of the device.
A primary coaptation of the temporal nerve can be performed with patient outcomes that are aesthetically and functionally pleasing, but this option is most effective in the first 2 months of paralysis.
In order to restore the patients smile, we performed a selective coaptation of the ipsilateral masseteric nerve to the zygomatic branch of the facial nerve.
The ilioinguinal, and the dorsal nerve of the clitoris (or deep pudendal) nerves are also prepared for coaptation (Kim, Lee, Kwon, & Cha, 2009; Ma et al.
The anterior mitral valve and papillary muscles are displaced anteriorly and result in abnormal coaptation between the mitral leaflets.