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In the vestibule below was a letter-box into which no letter would go, and an electric button from which no mortal finger could coax a ring.
She was always being glad about something; and then, one day, she told us why, and about the game, you know; and tried to coax us to play it.
We have said, there were times when she believed herself to be a fine lady and forgot that there was no money in the chest at home--duns round the gate, tradesmen to coax and wheedle--no ground to walk upon, in a word.
92mm waveguide to coax adapters with operating up to 65 GHz.
Baxter said, "The baseband coax PMD will be a simple, low-cost interface that will provide high throughput in harsh EMC environments while using economical coaxial cables and standard connectors.
CopperGate works with the world's leading system manufacturers to deliver the only products that operate over both phone lines and coax cables on a single network enabling consumers to conveniently connect equipment to broadband services throughout the home.
Home system consists of cameras, lighting controls, media players and other equipment and software in addition to the Powerline and Coax networking solution from Corinex.
Simple COAX cables and connectors are far cheaper than conventional FireWire cables and the transceiver is a lower cost solution than optical transceivers used with either plastic or glass fibres.
CWave enables IPTV functionality for High Definition content located anywhere in the home to be shared throughout the home using the existing coax backbone with wireless connectivity in each room from the same chipset.
The CG3110, which operates over both phonelines and coax, enables equipment manufacturers to increase user throughput while driving down the cost of high-speed, home networking products.
0's ability to run over either coax or copper phone wiring as its biggest advantage, but point to HPNA's frequency overlap with VDSL as a concern.
Axis Communications, the world leader in network video, today announces AXIS T8646 PoE+ over Coax Blade for multi-channel migration to IP.