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he must think of nothing all the rest of this day, but of coaxing Jacob and keeping him out of mischief.
She had pretty, coaxing ways, as you might say, and I thought there was no harm in letting her just put her head through the door.
Neither threats nor coaxing could avail: he could not count on any persistent fear nor on any promise.
in a coaxing tone; and the Saw-Horse pranced away to examine with its bulging eyes the form of Jack Pumpkinhead.
From him Tarzan learned, by dint of much coaxing, that a party of whites had passed through the village several days before.
I think she must have had a kind of notion that it was a coaxing, wheedling little stool.
The most furious had come to the Buytenhof at daybreak, to secure a better place; but he, outdoing even them, had passed the night at the threshold of the prison, from whence, as we have already said, he had advanced to the very foremost rank, unguibus et rostro, -- that is to say, coaxing some, and kicking the others.