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There was the cockiness from them beforehand and the cheering which came from their dressing room after they'd been drawn against the champions in the semi-finals of the Scottish Cup.
to see a cockiness, Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane can drop a shoulder and do something special, too.
Imran Khan's cockiness is based on his sharply rising political fortunes in the past one year
I may have gone into my match against Dylan with a little too much cockiness," admitted Matt Stamp, who fell to Key in the quarterfinals.
Modest Tsonga is not in the same league as the Louisville Lip for cockiness but insisted: "I felt so good on court.
My players know that if there is any slackness or cockiness they will be dropped like a two-tonne weight "There are many issues away from match days resting on us going up, one being returning to Penydarren Park next season, so while I want the lads to enjoy their football they also have a responsibility not to just themselves but also to the supporters.
Despite his age he's got a real cockiness about him and the ability to back it up.
But adding to cockiness, O'Leary has revealed another character trait - he is stubborn.
That stupid poster was arrogance, it was naughty and showed a cockiness
Harrison added: "I'm confident with this set of players going into any game, but it's not arrogance or cockiness.