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Imran Khan's cockiness is based on his sharply rising political fortunes in the past one year
Despite his age he's got a real cockiness about him and the ability to back it up.
But adding to cockiness, O'Leary has revealed another character trait - he is stubborn.
Harrison added: "I'm confident with this set of players going into any game, but it's not arrogance or cockiness.
That stupid poster was arrogance, it was naughty and showed a cockiness
arthurpage Cockiness was his weakness early on but that has been knocked out of him.
Wesley Udall plays Oliver with just the right amount of under-statement, while Thomas Leach has all the chirpy cockiness of a perfect Artful Dodger.
Jonathan Wilkes blends cockiness with vulnerability as the singer Robbie while Natalie Casey brings a satisfying sharpness to the role of the love-lorn waitress.
He has a bit of cockiness about him and the aggression you need.
He has that cockiness about him, which is why he is so good.
This is too obscure to catch on, but I like its cockiness.