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The Chuckling Sky': here comes fear lurching down the trail, cocksure, with a fierce strut, snapping passing branches.
I'll conclude by admitting that Musharraf, in spite of those who consider him a cocksure megalomaniac, actually has a pretty hard job.
Set in and around a 1930s nightclub called Church, ``Idlewild'' is the story of a shy young pianist named Percival (played by Benjamin) and a cocksure nightclub manager and headliner, Rooster (Patton), lifelong friends who run afoul of the local booze runner, Trumpy (Terrence Howard).
Razor wit, Eminem-like flow, cocksure delivery--Jin flexed all the elements of a dope MC on BET seven straight Fridays in early 2002.
TONY ALVA, you know that this is one cocksure 16-year-old kid.
In his music he frequently darts between playing an embittered, chronically depressed young man and a cocksure celebrity who bluntly admits in songs like the new "Monsoon" that he makes music simply "to make money and get laid.
Bush was positively cocksure when asked at his March 6 press conference whether the United States had the right to attack Iraq without Security Council approval.
He even describes him as vulgar and cocksure: "Sam was cocksure, and deep down a little conceited; but his conceit had been transformed by his devotion to Frodo.
Mitchell reads: "Hey JJ / Somepoem / Hey Joan / Blow a pic / Sure / Wanna bet / Yeah / No hands / Tears / Cocksure / Piece by piece.
But if you are so cocksure don't max out your credit cards to borrow money to prove it either.
One of the surgeons was a cocksure resident working without supervision; the other, a senior surgeon heavily involved in medical student teaching, who should have known better but was incapable of listening to advice.
It's extremely suspicious," he went on, "that a group which claims to be so oppressed and victimized can simultaneously be so arrogant, confident and cocksure of themselves that they can call for a Christian minister of religion to be charged under `hate crimes' legislation for preaching what has been orthodox Christian doctrine for 2,000 years.