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Because I did that Football Diaries, with all my jewellery as well, I got labelled cocky.
We made the mistake of looking at the fixture list and getting far too cocky.
But he insisted: "While there will be confidence I don't think it would be our style to get any way cocky.
He said: "If Cocky is not given the right food or the fish kept in water of the right temperature they will die.
In a case of the pot calling the kettle black, Conrad accuses Philip of being too cocky.
COCKY Bertie HEN DO Owner Jeanette holding sex-change Bertie
Asked how he kept his cocky young co-star Scott in his place during filming, Rock bellowed ``I know this sounds crass, but I would eat tuna and drink Diet Coke.
Cocky Lynch escaped from Hollesley Bay Prison, Suffolk, in September where he was serving a seven-year sentence for aggravated burglary.
They were confident, bordering on cocky, about being able to win the next two in Detroit.
X FACTOR loser Lloyd Daniels has defended fellow contestant Danyl Johnson and said he does not deserve to be labelled cocky.
Culver buffaloes into the play with the air of a cocky prince who is ripe for a smack-down.