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In its nine-point response to the code of honor, Nusra said a number of points in the document lacked any religious foundation.
HERE'S JOHNNY: Educate powers home to win the Cambridgeshire under Johnny Murtagh as the 8-1 jolly just beat Code Of Honor to the line
Importantly, 27 of the last 30 winners had finished in the first four last time out which is a boost to the chances of Captain Bertie, Code Of Honor, Tha'ir and Top Notch Tonto.
I fear Code Of Honor will be too far out the back to land a blow while Boonga Roogeta is another who comes here below top form.
Most media institutions signed a code of honor or a document of agreement as a rule to monitor their conduct," Minister Daouk said in an interview aired on the Voice of Lebanon radio on Monday, stressing the need for respecting it.
in Washington, DC) analyzes key elements of the conflict as pitting American attitudes represented by the casual use of military drones, against Islamic tribes of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia, characterized--with reference to a metaphor from a Tolstoy short story--by the "thistle-like" qualities of love of freedom, egalitarianism, a tribal lineage system defined by common ancestors and clans, a martial tradition, and a highly developed code of honor and revenge.
He stressed that the suspension of Al-Tayyar is not a setback in the country's "atmosphere of freedom" but rather an invitation to exercise responsible press freedom away from abusive rhetoric that go against the ethics of the profession and the "journalistic code of honor" The term journalistic code of honor refers to an agreement signed in 2009 between chief editors of Sudanese newspapers and the NISS in exchange for lifting the system of pre-publication censorship whereby NISS agents used to visit offices of newspapers at night and expunge contents deemed sensitive.
We will show that for suitable parameter values, the Code of Honor, if adopted by all players, gives rise to a self-enforcing set of social "rules" in which borrowers will always repay loans if possible but in which dueling will nevertheless rationally occur on the path of play.
He added that the government would start its mission with the issuance of a code of honor, which His Majesty ordered in the Letter of Designation, noting that the code of honor would be developed by ministers of justice and public sector reform and distributed on ministers by next Thursday.
She studies the manner in which medicine was struggling for legitimacy as part of the process of moving from individual doctors who based their reputations on a code of honor and reputation to a systematized profession regulated by legal and educational standards.
THI-QAR / Aswat al-Iraq: The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) on Monday urged candidates for the upcoming provincial council elections to sign a code of honor that aims to render elections a success.
Her growth, as Seidel so aptly puts it, is "a journey from prejudice to tolerance, from ignorance to wisdom, from violence to self-control, from bigotry to empathy, from a code of honor to a code of law.