code of laws

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He advocated justice and order and established a code of laws and a reformed coinage.
1207-1209 Genghis Khan organizes his forces and begins to devise a code of laws.
Of the 15 lawmakers from the New Komeito, which has recently decided to advocate constitutional amendments to have environmental and privacy rights included, 13 approved amending the code of laws.
The earliest mention of sanctuary in England was in a code of laws proclaimed by King Ethelbert in 600.
Nicholls, "In the Light of Human Beings: Richard Eppes and His Island Plantation Code of Laws," The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography 89 No.
The text of the Carolina describes itself, in fact, not as a code of laws but as a compilation of legal rules, drawn up under imperial authority to spread legal knowledge more thoroughly among local officials and court personnel.

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