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a legal code. In particular a part of the CORPUS JURIS CIVILIS.

CODEX. Literally, a volume or roll. It is particularly applied to the volume of the civil law, collected by the emperor Justinian, from all pleas and answers of the ancient lawyers, which were in loose scrolls or sheets of parchment. These he compiled into a book which goes by the name of Codex.

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Safe testing ground for projects: CodeX is a true developers sandbox, which means users can run and test code residing outside the scope of Skillsoft's coding exercises, including proprietary projects.
With the adoption of the Codex standards on pepper, cumin and thyme, spices have been included for the first time as commodities that will have such universal standards.
The Grolier Codex was probably made by one scribe who did not distinguish between the Toltec and the Maya," Houston says.
Graham Nicol, project co-ordinator from St Peter's Educational Activities for Kids, added: "Our pilgrimage which like 1,300 years ago started at St Paul's and St Peter's, took in Lambeth Palace this time to have the Codex blessed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, but its destination and purpose is the same.
The Codex was given to the Karaites in Jerusalem to keep in their synagogue but was seized by the Crusaders when they plundered Jerusalem in 1099.
And besides, they added, since this Codex standard has been on hold for 15 years, we would be harming Codex's credibility were we to turn our backs on JECFA science and refuse to adopt the MRLs for rBGH that JECFA assures us are safe.
In this codex a sword with a handle forming a cross is raised by a figure that is similar to images of Christ's resurrection or the last judgment.
23) No direct links can be obviously established between the Copenhagen, London and Gotha objects, the Borgia collection, and Betanzos' gifts, but the Roman provenance of such objects is anyway interesting in light of the following discussion concerning Codex Borgia (see below).
The codex provides vital keys to reading biblical texts.
The Codex Alimentarius Commission, jointly run by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), sets international food safety and quality standards to promote safer and more nutritious food for consumers worldwide.
Codex last July adopted maximum residue limits for ractopamine following contentious debate and a narrow 69-67 vote by member countries, according to reporting by our sister publication, Food Chemical News.
Summary: In Life of Pi, one of the many recent movies to have released in cinemas across UAE, Codex technology occupied [.

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