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He is known as the Imam of Madina and the Imam of Dar al-Hijra, and is the codifier of one of the four madhhabs of Muslim orthodoxy.
With respect to their direct influence, the most that can be said is that they were available (along with many other potential sources on codification) to any diligent codifier of the early 1890's.
The codifiers laid down the final law, and codifiers such as Moses of Coucy, Maimonides, Joseph Karo, and Moses Isserles invariably ruled according to the more benevolent opinion of the sages concerning non-Jews.
Kadish, Codifiers of the Criminal Law: Wechsler's Predecessors, 78 COLUM.
The very foundations of TDT can be traced to the New York City legends of modern dance who, along with being unique choreographic voices, were also great teachers and codifiers of training technique.
For one thing, as information managers, we should have front row seats at discussions that go to the heart of our profession as collectors, codifiers, and deliverers of information.
When the Premonstratensian statutes received their first major overhaul, in the middle of the twelfth century, the codifiers, probably influenced by the structure of Gratian's Decretum (c 1140),(46) divided them by subject into four main sections (distinctiones), further subdivided into chapters (capitula), and added a preface emphasizing the need for uniformity of observance and explaining the new layout.
Supplying a suitable tool for codification and distribution of knowledge by codifiers.
39) Indeed, the American codifiers of the nineteenth century picked up on Bentham's themes of complexity, access, the public character of the law, and judicial usurpation, appropriating the arguments for their own efforts to reform the legal system.
Moreover, the argument that solidarity is more natural than division is harmful: some codifiers in recent times have proposed to make all obligations with multiple debtors solidary, thus eliminating the benefit of division except where it is provided for in a contract or by law.
He does not generally pay much attention to later commentators or codifiers.