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80) The CAT, which codifies the customary prohibition against torture, also requires states to report on measures taken to comply with the Convention.
The second promise--implicit in the claim that a treaty rule codifies custom--is to interpret the customary rule in accordance with the treaty.
Workstyle Software--Landslide codifies each organization's proven selling process providing each sales representative a roadmap on exactly how to engage a prospect, manage the selling process and close a deal.
By citing key metrics and initiatives, the report codifies the beneficial economic aspects of Fleet's commitment to the community through its environmental and social initiatives.
United Airlines (NYSE: UAL) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jack Creighton today will meet with key members of Congress to underscore the support of United's 85,000 employees for the "National Aviation Capacity Expansion Act of 2002," which codifies into federal law an agreement on O'Hare International Airport modernization reached by Illinois Gov.
This legislation strengthens and codifies the electronic signature statute, encourages the deployment of a network access point and will allow for the creation of a single statewide portal strategy for all governmental goods, services and information.
EMS utilizes CardSystems' expert system technology, which codifies the rules governing dispute resolution, enabling accurate interpretation and resolution of the dispute - a process that increases productivity and improves customer service.