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614 to delete provisions codifying the economic substance doctrine is a positive development.
As the SEC's chief accountant and principal adviser on accounting and auditing matters for 11 years, he played a key role in developing its integrated disclosure system and reexamining, revising and codifying more than 200 financial reporting releases issued since 1937.
We continue to make progress in updating and codifying our policies, procedures and practices.
Regrettably, codifying the economic substance doctrine would further complicate and confuse the system and undermine not only legitimate tax planning but also the courts' willingness and ability to apply other judicial doctrines in the event the codified rule does not reach a particular type of transaction.
Congress is in a position to take historic action here by codifying this unprecedented agreement to modernize O'Hare and solve Chicago's capacity crisis.
Today's passage, by a vote of 19-4, is another critical milestone in codifying an unprecedented agreement between Illinois Gov.