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But the first characteristic of minor literature in any case is that in it language is affected with a high coefficiency of deterritorialization" (Kafka: Towards a Minor Literature 16).
They also help automakers achieve CAFE (computer average fuel economy) standards by reducing coefficiency of drag.
9) Of course, sexual expressiveness can be every bit as shameless as sartorial impressiveness--and it's the coefficiency of the two (redress in undress, snake in weeds) that makes these poetries so sly and so astonishing.
This coefficiency of lynch law and family law is vividly seen as Tyree denies his own rights to agency and expresses his acceptance of Chris's murder as an act of Christlike martyrdom which will perpetuate black survival in a white world.
The coefficiency of friction is effectively controlled through the texturengineering process: while aesthetically, embossing with Pamarco rolls imparts matte to high gloss finish control.
The under-body has been given the same sort of treatment, resulting in a smooth, flat surface which offers the best drag coefficiency in its class to help improve stability and greatly reduce wind noise for smooth, quiet cruising.
Cleared by the FDA and endorsed by the American Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF), the In Touch Breast Self-Exam Glove contains a pink, non-toxic liquid that reduces friction by 50% (frictional coefficiency testing has been done for this product; it has met all the FDA requirements for an over-the-counter item and has been approved for the purpose of performing breast self-exams), allowing for heightened sensitivity of the fingertips during a breast self- exam so abnormalities are more easily detected.
The headspace SPME approach can be used reliably to analyze volatile compounds in hardy kiwifruit with a correlation coefficiency greater than 0.
In temperate climates with both heating and cooling seasons, select windows with both low U-values and low solar heat gain coefficiency (SHGC) to maximize energy benefits.