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Following in the footsteps of state-court judges, Marshall simply held that, as a coequal branch, the Supreme Court must take note of constitutional provisions when deciding a case or controversy.
An interesting feature of the book for business economists is that it presents management and economics as two coequal elements.
So, Denis Thatcher experienced all the medical coequal of smoking.
In a properly operating nursing home, the MDS and/or the care plan should be the product of coequal team mates' input.
Under this theory, spiritual power is supreme, not coequal, with temporal power.
The first two chapters of Caro's Master of the Senate invoke the power and mystique of this coequal branch of government and show how a few "eloquent, courageous senators, men of principles and ideals," like Paul Douglas, Herbert Lehman and Hubert Humphrey, became "icons in the fight for social justice.
Escher lithograph, "Drawing Hands," which portrays hands drawing themselves, thereby conveying the message that self and self-reference are indivisible and coequal.
Being a coequal branch of the executive, the legislature has the right to inquire if the executive is doing something beyond the Constitution.
Until the 1962 revolution, the Yemeni riyal and the taler were coequal currencies in North Yemen (South Yemen used the Indian rupee).
He repeatedly acknowledges the pre-thematic character of their reflection and yet he continuously accords them respect as coequal dialogue partners.
Following the treaty, both California and New Mexico made Spanish a coequal legal language with English, thus confirming the treaty (except as regards Native American language rights).