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If a politics-first Taiwan believes that China is unlikely to coerce, it will risk trading with China.
flat in Sharjah, according to records, and when they failed to coerce the father to waive his ownership, they handed him over to the Abu Dhabi authorities where he was wanted.
But apparently we're not meant to turn around the reviewer's last sentence so that it reads: "To increase the human power to coerce others is therefore to increase the human capacity for evil; to rein in evil might require reining in the extent to which people can coerce others.
False reports are used to coerce one party (the protective parent and primary caretaker) under the duress of the threat of the loss of total custody into unfair settlements and the payment of litigation costs to multiple state court agents in direct violation of statutory law.
Summary: Suspect denies charge, claims ex-wife's malicious complaint was made to coerce him to drop custody case
The court ordered further proceedings to determine of officials acted unreasonably when they characterized the prisoner's statements to an officer as an attempt to coerce the officer into not enforcing a prison shaving rule.
The 7th Circuit panel, however, found that the Wisconsin correctional authorities did not require or coerce offenders to enter Faith Works, but merely provided the offender with the choice of several halfway houses, most of which are secular.
Nor does the policy mitigate the influences that coerce audience members to participate in prayers offered at graduation.
and his colleagues have used very high pressures to coerce room-temperature helium to combine with nitrogen.
Northwest executives have tried to coerce AMFA members and representatives into joining forces with the company while stating there won't be a union in the future.
And you probably thought it was wrong for police to coerce you into talking after you tell them you want a lawyer and do not want to talk.
The Board concluded that the offer continues to represent a substantial threat to the Fund and its stockholders and that the unsolicited, partial and hostile nature of the offer and the plans for the Fund announced by the Horejsi Trusts were designed to coerce Fund stockholders to tender shares into the offer on disadvantageous terms.