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Kelly Greenhill: There are three kinds of coercers, two of which serve a more active role and one that is more passive.
the coercer can make a threat to use these powers or other powers suitable to necessitate action by the coercee, unless the coercee meets some condition.
We examined four situational characteristics that would be expected to affect women's attributions and guilt following sexual coercion: number of sexually coercive experiences, whether the experience involved intercourse or attempted intercourse, whether it involved use or threat of physical force, and familiarity with the coercer.
It has been argued that a coercer needs to determine the Clausewitzian "centers of gravity"--the target's greatest sources of strength, either material or intangible, that "if destroyed, would cause the enemy's resistance to collapse[;] .
After leaving the victim, the coercer, the defendant, and the coercer's girlfriend drove to the victim's trailer home.
Hosmer's concept is similar to Robert Pape's assertion regarding a denial strategy: "The coercer must exploit the particular vulnerabilities of the opponent's specific strategy.
This increased difficulty is, of course, the result of getting her to believe that the coercer will attach an undesirable consequence to her choice of that option.
This relationship favors the coerced, not the coercer.
He has become a coercer, even a bully, while Netanyahu is given a free hand to dictate the rules of the game.
In the past, these mechanisms have involved directly targeting civilian populations to increase disaffection and pressure the adversary leadership to accept the demands of the coercer.
For example, coercion, as well as being wrong in itself, tends to result in the person coerced making agreements that favor the coercer.
It is Satan and not God who is the bullying coercer of human volition.