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Jazairy said he seeks to make an effort to overcome the coercive measures imposed on the Sudanese people, pointing that he will submit his report to the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) meeting in Geneva in December.
This book is appropriate for war-college-level discussion of air power, coercive measures involving air power, and the like.
The concept of coercive diplomacy emerged from the belief that the United States could use the threat of force to leverage favorable outcomes in international conflicts, as the United States assumed -- wrongly, as we now know - that the threat of force by the John F.
Plaid Cymru MP Elfyn Llwyd, who presented a similar bill to Parliament in February, said: "It is clear that there is a real and urgent need for this change in the law which will effectively underpin the definition of domestic violence adopted by the Association of Chief Police Officers, which already includes coercive control.
Eliminating forced, coercive and otherwise involuntary sterilization: an interagency statement: OHCHR, UN Women, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF and WHO.
Hurriyet leader said that in democratic societies all issues were resolved through dialogue and political methods, and the aspirations of people, their political and democratic rights are given due respect and consideration, but India had been adopting coercive approach to silence the genuine political voices in occupied Kashmir, making all the talk of democracy and elections devoid of sense and credibility.
He pleaded the court to set aside the notice and the department be restrained from any coercive action.
Suggested methodology based on the dissertation work of Starykov (2011) is about how coercive force is changed according to the cycles of loading the crane metal construction and the stress witch could be taken into account as our studied element.
On next date of hearing, if he ( Gupta) will not come, coercive action has to be taken," Metropolitan Magistrate Namrita Aggarwal said.
These findings suggest that the least coercive path will be the smoothest and that support for interventions may be widespread among different social groups," the authors wrote.
At the Supreme Court yesterday, Bill Shipsey SC, for the Quinns, asked Chief Justice Susan Denham, to prioritise the hearing of the appeal by Sean Jnr against the coercive orders and the order for his imprisonment.
By contrast, the 1998 Rome Statute gives the International Criminal Court (ICC) a coercive title that is "complementary to national criminal jurisdictions.