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The source of concern is Chinas growing power and its demonstrated willingness to use that power coercively.
In her article, "Paths to People," Pathfinder Wendy Webber describes her experiences teaching in Uganda and asks, "How do you teach religion in a humanist school in a coercively Christian nation?
Throughout music history, the prevalence of popular culture paternalism among a vast body of gatekeeping elites has powerfully determined, ostracized, narrowly confined, and coercively exploited various music-movement possibilities in an effort to uphold and preserve the social, political, economic, and cultural interests of those in power.
Later in the book Kugle argues that colonial regimes subverted traditions of Islamic legal training and marginal yet important Islamic traditions of Sufism and philosophical inquiry, while anti-colonial revolutions led to authoritarian regimes that continued to undermine and coercively control these discourses, even as they used a simplified approach to Islam.
13) On this view, a just state might be justified but nevertheless illegitimate, at least in the sense of lacking the exclusive right to create, impose, and coercively enforce moral duties upon those within its jurisdiction.
However, the results have been used coercively against some companies, and the information has sparked numerous articles about the practices of paint companies in the United States.
Americans United and the ACLU presented extensive evidence that Sunrise Children's Services, which despite the name change remains a contractor affiliated with the Kentucky Baptist Convention, coercively imposed Christianity upon children in its care in many ways.
On the contrary, decisions reached beforehand by the interested parties were coercively imposed.
This means that the arming process will be well-studied, in order to achieve the goals of these capitals, which are still refusing to interfere the way they had done in Libya, and which do not agree with some Arab countries that are convinced that the Syrian regime cannot engage in any settlement and that the desired change will only be achieved coercively and by force.
On the left side of the political spectrum we say, "It's not the community's business whether you're an alcoholic or addict - and the community has neither the obligation nor the right to coercively interfere in these people's lives.
Exile, entailing movement, running away or relocating of people from one social place to another, either willingly or coercively, and transnationalism have become paradoxical as they both generate cultural ambivalence and resentfulness in the exile.
When the total number of women coercively confined in institutions such as psychiatric hospitals, mother and baby homes, Magdalen Homes, etc.