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The collective perceptions among judges of the Guidelines as normatively legitimate, their definitions of the coerciveness of the Guidelines and the local circuit court climate, are all intimately related to contextual patterns of Guidelines conformity.
He goes as far as to argue that Marx's theory of ideology means that ideological conceptions conceal (only) the coerciveness of capitalism.
202) Even in the exceptional case where the Third Circuit upheld a parent's secular-feminist case, the court's reasoning reflects that the perceived coerciveness of the program was in large part connected to it being offered as an alternative to criminal prosecution.
78) The participants were asked to rate the coerciveness of various police interrogation tactics on a scale of 1 (not coercive at all) to 5 (extremely coercive).
At the opposite end of the coerciveness spectrum from criminal law--which can place a parent in prison is contract law, which enforces agreements freely entered into between private parties.
emphasise both the coerciveness and the harshness, together with the exploitation inherent in the gangmaster labour regime, an aspect depicted graphically not just in mid-nineteenth century Government Commissions (and in particular the Sixth Report of the 1862 Children's Employment Commission, published in 1867) but also outlined in the classic analyses--Marx, Hasbach and Green.
What she describes is something more nuanced, where there were varying degrees of coerciveness in a process where state authorities assumed roles traditionally taken by relatives in arranging marriage, typically performed in mass ceremonies.
Kominslcy-Crumb's work and Chute's readings of it address the coerciveness involved in sex, the psychic issues that attach to it, and the ways it can be depicted graphically in a form that is, by virtue of its resistance to aestheticization and verisimilitude, anti-pornographic.
Clinton plan, the new law is much too complicated, that it does far too little to rein in costs, and that the individual mandate is un-American in its almost socialist coerciveness.
1997a, Coerciveness of the linear gravimetric boundary-value problem and a geometrical interpretation.
13) The fourth limit--a restrained inquiry into the coerciveness and efficacy of the regulatory alternatives available to Congress--I articulate here.
Blum-Kulka politeness represents the interactional balance achieved between two needs: the need for pragmatic clarity and the need to avoid coerciveness.