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We also witnessed an unprecedented relapse in Sunni-Shiite relations in Lebanon, which used to present itself as an Arab model of coexistence among religions and sects.
Coexistence Manager for Notes can be combined with Quest's Notes Migrator for Exchange to provide a seamless migration from IBM Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange, with synchronised calendaring and e-mail support, the company claims.
Policy on coexistence does not concern the safety of people, animals or the environment', said Mariann Fischer Boel, recalling that 'in the EU, the question of how to grow GMOs alongside non-GM crops only arises where they have been deemed safe by the EU evaluation system'.
of peace, understanding and dialogue, is an example for us in this field, he noted, adding that Argentina is also a "good model" of coexistence between Muslims, Jews and Christians.
His Royal Highness stressed that the principles of coexistence and mutual respect are fundamental components of any society, adding that the Kingdom's own diverse and tolerant community has overcome many obstacles and continues to flourish under His Majesty the King's programme of reform and development.
BEIRUT: Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi underlined the importance of Christian-Muslim coexistence in Tripoli during a tour he conducted Friday with a number of Christian religious figures to mark the occasion of Christmas.
The delegation, which is in Jordan as part of a regional tour, was briefed on programs carried out by the center to advance the Jordanian coexistence model.
The document recalls that all measures must be introduced 'with a view to ensuring the coexistence of genetically-modified and conventional crops', and that member states must 'ensure the feasibility and effectiveness of these measures'.
On emerging, MP Abi Nasr said that Change and Reform bloc has decided not to "stand idle in front of the collapse of Lebanon's national coexistence formula" under the longstanding principle of "No legitimacy for any authority that contradicts with national coexistence charter.
1-2014, which focuses on methods for exchanging coexistence information among heterogeneous networks operating under general authorization.
21 (BNA): Foreign Affairs Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa received today a group of activists in the field of peaceful coexistence from the friendly Republic of India, currently visiting the Kingdom.