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James Eaton and Gail Weed, Nader/Gonzalez campaign coordinators for Connecticut and Rhode Island, arrived at the Coffee Mug about 90 minutes early to prepare for the candidate's arrival and have those present sign an affidavit that will be presented to
He said: "All our tenants will donate proceeds from coffee sales to the event, and we will be selling coffee mugs for charity and hope to easily beat the pounds 800 we raised last year.
Author caricatures are available on notecards, tote bags, mousepads and coffee mugs from Literary Luminaries.
A coffee mug sits on the desk of Senior Chief Aviation Boatswain s Mate-Fuels (AW) John Coontz on board Harry S.
95; and gift packs that include 1 pound of fresh coffee, two coffee samples, a coffee mug and a measuring spoon, all in a decorative basket for $29.
But, up-front, personalized umbrella and coffee mug acquisition premiums are being tested and rolled out by at least a few nonprofits.
Test Matrix Sample Pre-show At-show Post-show A Magic 8 puzzle coffee mug flashlight with thank-you note B coaster for mug coffee mug thank-you note C invitation for gift coffee mug thank-you note D Magic 8 puzzle no gift flashlight with thank-you note E invitation only no gift thank-you note F no invitation no gift sent literature (visitor inquiries)
sent her husband Chris, who is stationed in Central Iraq, an NEW branded coffee mug.
KICK start your weekend with a free regular coffee AND a fantastic coffee mug on us.
Washington, Mar 3 ( ANI ): President Barack Obama switched to Facebook's new Timeline feature on Thursday, and one of the images it included was his birth certificate on the Obama campaign's "Made in the USA" coffee mug.
Meanwhile, the pleasures offered by ``The Office'' tend to be more subtle and more wince-inducing, with Michael Scott (Steve Carell) continuing his reign (despite what his coffee mug may say) as World's Most Clueless Boss.
As a matter of fact, springing for a reusable coffee mug can actually end up saving you money down the road as large coffeehouse chains join smaller cafes and university food services across the country that offer discounts to customers toting their own drinking vessels.