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Happy Cog's roster of incredibly talented thought leaders and design professionals, along with our clients, who bravely put the needs of their users above all other considerations, made this award possible," said Happy Cog founder Jeffrey Zeldman.
The CMM's unique technological capabilities, which include high-volume robotic DNA extraction, microarray-based DNA typing and gene expression profiling, all played a vital role in securing the COG project.
Among the web's best-known boutique agencies, Happy Cog Studios (happycog.
Breazeal took a spare Cog head and reengineered it, lengthening the neck, adding a jaw.
Both of these methods assume that the enemy's COG lies within the helix or the onion.
As robots like Cog become more and more complex, their capabilities will expand rapidly into the work-a-day world, and certainly not as "pincers" awkwardly controlled by human hands, but rather as independently functioning units controlled by their own programming.
The limits of stability, therefore, are a two-dimensional quantity defining the maximum possible COG sway angle beyond which a fall occurs.
Grip COG design, allows for an exceptional writing experience for every individual.
In regards to their business community, COG founded the Chicago Deltek Vision User group in 2004, which provides education, best practices, and newsworthy information to its membership.
Clausewitz defined COG as "the hub of all power and movement, on which everything depends.
Concerning the "good faith" of the COG proposals and the background of its members and sponsoring organizations, see the article on page 27.
Brandon Jones of Agoura Hills (even-par 144 at Carlton Oaks in Santee), Michael Miller of Valencia (1-under 143 at Desert Island CC in Rancho Mirage) and Al D'Amato of Simi Valley (2-over 146 at Valencia CC) also survived sectional qualifiers to earn Cog Hill berths.